How our Interior Design service helped a client sell their Property

If you’re looking to sell your property, a well-designed condo interior can make all the difference. In this day and age, buyers are often looking for luxurious, high-end finishes in their potential homes – and that’s something that a professional design service can help with.

Sadly, many condos these days have a very similar design and layout. This can make it difficult for your property to stand out from the rest and can cause buyers to become hesitant. A professional interior design service can help to change all that. By incorporating unique and luxurious finishes, your condo will be sure to catch attention and help it sell faster.

Here at Instyle Deco Paris, we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to design trends and what discerning customers love. We have many years of experience in the industry and we know how to combine your desired features and finishes in a cohesive way that will result in a luxurious home that buyers will love.

Our team specializes in luxury condo interior design and we can help you achieve the look you want for your space – no matter how big or small. In the past we’ve worked with clients that had spent years trying to sell their homes, here is an example.

What was the desired outcome for the client?

The client wanted to sell a condominium without success, so he hired us. We found that the layout and decoration were not good at all for this unit which made it difficult for potential buyers to fall in love with the space; therefore Instyle Deco Paris created an excellent plan in order to help them sell their property. With our 3D Design process bringing ideas to life.

What were the design challenges Instyle had to overcome?

In order to attract as many potential customers as possible, we had firstly challenged ourselves by finding a design that appeals not only to a select few, but rather the masses.

In order to create an elegant and high-end interior feeling in this space, we carefully remodelled it. The apartment had been completely renovated on time and within budget; and all of this during a global pandemic. We are proud to have completed this project with an eye for detail and a commitment towards excellence during such a difficult time.

What was the outcome of the project?

The client was thrilled with the result and had no trouble selling his apartment at a good price above market rate for others in the Building. The client also informed us that another customer contacted him about doing exactly what we did for their home renovation project! Our team couldn’t be prouder of how well this worked out in both cases.

How do I start my own remodelling Project to help me sell my property?

In order to make your property as attractive as possible, we recommend having a consultation with one of our project managers. We’ll guide you through the process and ensure that you’re 100% satisfied before we begin.

Remember, design is all about the details and because of that we also offer custom furniture and accessories. Our team can help you achieve your dream design, so get in touch today.

Looking to Start your own Interior Design Project?

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