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Interior Design Services for Gyms and Fitness Studios in Bangkok

There is a great emphasis on today’s generation to have a six-pack, stay healthy, or get that lean body. People are spending more time to reach their healthy lifestyle goals. The gym is a popular location for people to soothe down in order to reach those goals. We understand that the luxury aesthetic details matter for your gym experience. Hence, we strive our best to present you with the designs in the best possible light. We provide you with world class quality advice, keeping your values and ideas in mind, and also providing you with our intel and experience, collaborating into creating an all-round aesthetically stunning gym. The luxury aesthetics will surely generate an emotive response that will help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals and burn those unwanted calories.

What to consider when looking at Gym/Fitness Interior Design?

A common problem for any gym owner or fitness center manager is the challenge of creating an engaging atmosphere that motivates people to stay and work out. In order to do this, it’s important to hire a professional designer who understands the needs of exercisers as well as the unique design constraints of a fitness facility. One consideration is whether to use all mirrored walls or a reflective surface that creates a sense of space, openness, and light. Another consideration for gym designers is how best to address the “mirror-selfie syndrome”—aka mirrors everywhere! Mirrors are great for checking form, but they can also be distracting, making exercisers self-conscious of appearances instead of focusing on their workout.

Designing a gym is about more than just choosing attractive floor coverings and wall colors. Fitness center owners must think carefully about how to create engaging spaces that will appeal to potential members. For example, the fitness center should include space for coaching and training, zones for yoga and Pilates, and equipment that will appeal to different users. For example, cardio machines like stair steppers and elliptical machines can be arranged in a way that promotes group exercise or competitive team events like boot camps.

Instyle Deco Paris is a design company that specializes in creating engaging interior spaces for gyms. Their aim is to create an atmosphere that motivates people to stay and work out, while also considering the unique challenges of designing fitness facilities. They have experience with all types of gym designs from boutique health clubs to traditional weight room settings. If you’d like help with your own project, please contact us today!

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