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The hotel lobby is the first thing guests and customers see when they walk into your hotel. That’s why it is crucial for you to get that positive first impression. It can be the deciding factor to determine whether you get that five star rating or not from your customer. We take into account all the small details from the style, decor, color, furniture, and layout. We can then help maintain this design philosophy across all facilities the hotel has to offer.

Hence, we strive our best to present you with the designs in the best possible light. We provide you with world class quality advice, keeping your Hotel values and ideas in mind, and also providing you with our intel and experience, collaborating into creating an all-round aesthetically and emotionally pleasing hotel lobby or associated facilities. We will maintain and promote your brand awareness by creating designs with matching colors and styles to your organization. The luxury aesthetics of the design will surely generate an emotive response that will help increase class and customer satisfaction to your hotel.

The interior designer is entrusted with the responsibility of creating a space that dictates not only how visitors feel but also the atmosphere and mood.

A hotel interior design project can be a daunting task for any professional – the design must be visually interesting enough to engage guests who have ventured far from home but also be functional enough to ensure they find their way around easily.

Hotel Design Challenges

There are a number of challenges that one must deal with when undertaking a hotel interior design project:

- The blank canvas: Asking an interior designer to work on an empty space is like asking an artist to paint without a canvas. Without any furniture, fixtures or fittings to work with, the designer has no place to focus the design so it must be included in the initial plans.

- Matching interiors to establishments: A five star hotel requires very different interior decoration than a large budget motel. Designers must ensure that each room meets the requirements of its price and clientele and that they operate within the hotel's brand guidelines.

- Team effort: It takes a team of professionals to deliver a successful hotel interior design project – from concept designers, graphic artists and technical types through to architects and contractors – there is no reason why an interior designer can't work with these other professionals to achieve their own vision.

If you're looking for a company that can provide you with amazing Hotel Interior Design, then look no further than Instyle Deco Paris. They have been able to complete a variety of projects in the past and have been working in this field for 20 years, more than plenty of experience to help you. Contact us today to discuss your Hotel project.

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