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Interior Design Services in Bangkok

The interior design services of the Instyle Deco Paris are unique in that we offer a wide range of services for residential, commercial and public spaces. For any space you want to make beautiful, we have an experienced team member who will be able to help. Our portfolio is diverse and includes Interior Design for Houses and Condos, Hotel's, Fitness Center's, Home Theater's, Office's & Restaurants. We can also provide you with other valuable design-related products such as custom furniture to really help you create your own style.

Interior Design by Type

Commercial Interior Design Services

Commercial design is any kind of interior design that isn't meant for residential spaces, such as offices, restaurants, hotels or retail spaces. We provide an impressive level of service no matter what the project entails, so you can be sure that it will be completed on time and on budget.


Interior design for retail space is an important task that must be completed on time and on budget. The first step of the process would be determining the design needs for the space. For example, what will the retail space be selling? This will determine what type of products need to be put out and how they should look. We recommend furniture placement and lighting, which makes the space more inviting.

Next, we would install dividers or counters depending on what you need for your space. It's important to plan these out before anything is ordered so that you're sure it all fits together properly and look cohesive. Finally, we would dress up the walls with shelves and artwork that reflects what you're selling in order to give customers the feeling or desire of shopping in your store.


When working in an office, there are many factors to consider when determining what should be done to the space. We work with you to create a design that is tailored to your needs. Sometimes, it's important to plan what type of furniture would best suit the area, other times it's about deciding on colours for the space. The most important factor in designing an office is that everyone who works there is comfortable and able to do their work without distraction from design elements they're uncomfortable with.

We can help you decide what type of furniture would be most appropriate for your office and then provide a 3D representation of how that will look in the space. This way, you can see how everything will look before making any final decisions and everything will fit together perfectly.

Hotels / Hospitality

Hotels and hospitality spaces need a very strong sense of design because they are dealing with the public. The first step is to determine what type of guest will be staying at your hotel so that we can create a design for them. For example, if you're designing for business people, it's likely that they would want something more formal than if you're designing for families.

Designing hotel interiors involves many moving parts, which is why it's best to approach the task through planning and 3D renderings. We can work with you to determine what type of furniture would be most appropriate for your space and most in line with you're guest's needs. Once that is complete, we can demonstrate how all the pieces will fit together in 3D rendering to help you determine what should be left out and what should be included.

Design Services

Interior Design

Fitness Center Design & Decoration

Restaurant Design & Decoration

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3D Rendering
for Design Services

Custom Commercial Furniture

Commercial Furniture Design Thailand

Residential Design Services

This service includes anything from a living room to your bedroom. We help you with everything from colour consultation to furnishing, and can even help you select the perfect rug. We also offer a wide range of services from small changes to major renovations, so you can be sure that we have exactly what you need.

The residential Interior Design process is an interactive process that covers the details of your needs. We work with you to identify what you need done and create a plan for completing it. Once we've finished the plans, we'll review them to make sure that they're something that you want, then we will start getting to work. Our team members are all experienced in their field and provide professional consultation to guarantee you're getting something that matches your expectations.

Let 3D renderings bring your idea to life

This is a process by which interior designers can help you visualize what your dream space will look like before it's built. We offer 2D renderings as well, but for this service, it is important to be able to see the 3D representation of your space. The renderings are available in many different formats so that clients can share them with their contractors or their family and friends to get feedback on their design choices.

House and Condo Interior Design

Kitchen Design & Decoration Services

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bathroom interior design services in Bangkok, Thailand

Bathroom Interior
Design Services

Bedroom Design & Decoration Service

bedroom interior design and decoration services in thailand
custom furniture made for your home or apartmen

Custom Furniture
for your home

Home Theater Design

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