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Bathroom Interior Design Services in Thailand

Bathroom Interior Design refers to how the designer manages the space in the bathroom. You can use what you see in historic or period homes when designing your bathroom as inspiration. Here we look at some hallmarks of certain period design.

- Neoclassical period - Bedrooms with neoclassical interior design are usually light and airy, have luxurious fabrics with lots of pastel colours. Bedroom walls are usually creamy white, while floor coverings are dark wood or marble with patterned rugs in muted colours. Bedrooms in this style will have a dressing table in one corner for getting ready in the morning, lots of mirrors with decorative furniture on either side of them and curtains that hang from rails or poles across the room. Bedrooms might also have built-in closets to keep clothes. Bedroom lighting might include table lamps, chandeliers and a low-hanging ceiling pendant lamp for the dressing table mirror.

- Bedrooms with baroque or rococo interior design are bold, rich and vibrant. Bedrooms with this sort of period design have bright colours, ornate patterns and luxurious fabrics with lots of gold and silver. Bedrooms have ornate headboards with fabric or silk draping down from the bed frame, a chaise lounge for relaxation and a dressing table with large mirror. Bedroom lighting will include a chandelier above the dressing table as well as lamps on either side of the bed to create ambient light in the room. Bedroom walls are usually decorated with large floral wallpaper in bold colours, while floor coverings will be made of plush carpet.

- Bedrooms with Victorian interior design are elegant and finely crafted. Bedrooms have opulent fabrics including rich velvets, damasks or tapestries. Bedroom furniture might include an armoire for clothes storage, a dressing table with large mirror, chaise lounge decorated with ornate pillows and an intricately carved bed frame. Bedroom lighting includes table lamps on either side of the bed with chandeliers above the dressing table. Bedroom walls are usually papered in pastel colored floral designs while floor coverings are plush carpeting or hardwood floors stained dark. Bedrooms from this period will have a luxurious feel and colour palette.

Custom Furniture Design to create period-style pieces

At Instyle Deco Paris we have a strong history in Custom furniture design and period pieces can be easier to create new than source and that way are always aligned with your creative vision.

Custom furniture has many benefits. One of the main benefits is that you can create exactly what you want. This gives our clients the freedom to have their dream design without being limited by any type of design rule or expectation. Custom furniture also does not have any limitations when it comes to size because we are able to produce anything from a small cabinet or buffet table to designs that are much larger, depending on your personal preference. Custom furniture can be produced in any type of wood which means that you could have a completely different finish on each side of the piece depending on if it’s public or private facing, or even choose an expensive wood that isn’t typically used for furniture because you want to make a statement.

No matter the period that may inspire your project, our team are at hand to help you bring it to life. Get in touch with Instyle Deco Paris to discuss your design project today.

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