Industrial Revolution: How to Incorporate Industrial Style into Your Home

Industrial style has become increasingly popular in recent years, with its emphasis on raw, unfinished materials and function over form. Incorporating metal and wood elements, as well as exposed pipes, ductwork, and brick walls, can add a rugged, urban edge to any living space. Here are some tips on how to incorporate industrial style into your home:

Use of raw, unfinished materials

One of the hallmarks of industrial style is the use of raw, unfinished materials such as concrete, metal, and brick. Consider incorporating these elements into your walls, floors, and ceilings to give your space an edgy, unfinished look. Exposed beams and pipes can also add to the industrial aesthetic.

Emphasis on function over form

Industrial style is all about functionality. Choose furniture and decor that serve a practical purpose, such as sturdy metal bookcases or utilitarian light fixtures. Pieces with a vintage, repurposed feel can also add to the industrial vibe.

Incorporation of metal and wood elements

Incorporating metal and wood elements into your space is a key component of industrial style. Consider using reclaimed wood for furniture or accent walls, and incorporating metal accents such as lighting fixtures or wall decor.

Exposed pipes, ductwork, and brick walls

Industrial style often celebrates the exposed pipes, ductwork, and brick walls that are typically hidden in traditional homes. Consider leaving these elements exposed or using faux finishes to recreate the look. If you’re not ready to fully commit to exposed pipes or brick walls, you can incorporate these elements in smaller doses, such as using brick wallpaper or exposed pipe shelving.

Incorporating industrial style into your home can give it an edgy, urban feel. By using raw materials, emphasizing functionality, incorporating metal and wood elements, and showcasing exposed pipes and brick walls, you can bring the rugged spirit of the Industrial Revolution into your living space.

Color and Texture in Industrial Style

Industrial style often employs a neutral color palette, including shades of gray, black, white, and brown. These colors provide a backdrop for the raw, unfinished materials that are often used in this style, such as concrete, brick, and metal. pops of metallics, like copper or brass, are also common in industrial style, adding a touch of shine and glamour to the space.

In addition to color, texture is also an important element of industrial style. Distressed and worn textures, such as rusted metal or rough-hewn wood, create a sense of history and age in the space. Leather and natural fabrics like linen or canvas are often used for upholstery, adding warmth and softness to the roughness of the industrial materials.

Overall, the color and texture choices in industrial style help to create a cohesive, balanced look that emphasizes the beauty of raw, unfinished materials.

Incorporating Industrial Style Room by Room

Living Room

When it comes to industrial style, you’ll want to prioritize function over form in your living room. Opt for furniture pieces made from raw, unfinished materials like reclaimed wood or distressed leather. Emphasize cozy accents like plush throw pillows or soft blankets. To truly capture the industrial aesthetic, consider incorporating exposed piping or brick walls into your decor.


The kitchen is the perfect space to showcase the beauty of metal and wood elements in cabinetry and appliances. Consider choosing stainless steel or black metal finishes for your kitchen appliances and cabinets. To add a touch of industrial charm, you can also incorporate lighting fixtures made from metal or repurposed materials like mason jars or old pulleys.


The key to an industrial-style bedroom is simplicity in design. Focus on incorporating metal and wood accents in your bed frame, nightstands, or dresser. Consider choosing pieces with an industrial edge, like a wrought iron headboard or metal wire baskets for storage. To balance out the harsher elements of industrial decor, incorporate soft textiles like linen or cotton in your bedding or curtains.


In the bathroom, you can incorporate metal and exposed piping in your shower fixtures or sink. Consider using concrete or stone countertops to add texture and contrast to your space. You can also play up the industrial aesthetic by incorporating a metal-framed mirror or light fixture.

By incorporating these elements into each room, you can create a cohesive industrial aesthetic throughout your home.

Industrial Style in Modern Homes

Industrial style can be seamlessly incorporated into modern homes by mixing it with other design styles. One way to achieve this is by combining industrial elements with minimalism, Scandinavian, or mid-century modern design. By doing so, you can create a unique and personalized space that reflects your personal style.

Emphasizing key industrial style elements like raw, unfinished materials, metal finishes, and exposed pipes and ductwork can also help achieve a modern-industrial look. For instance, you can incorporate metal or wood finishes in your furniture or use concrete for your countertops to create an industrial vibe in your kitchen.

Creating a harmonious balance between industrial and modern design is essential to avoid making the space look too cold or sterile. To do this, you can add warm and natural elements like wood or incorporate pops of color through artwork, textiles, or decorative accessories. Additionally, you can add softness to the space by using textured rugs, throws, and pillows.


In conclusion, Industrial Style is a design trend that emphasizes raw materials, function over form, and metal and wood elements. The use of exposed pipes, ductwork, and brick walls is also common in this style. Neutral color palettes with pops of metallics, distressed and worn textures, and the incorporation of leather and natural fabrics are also important elements.

If you’re interested in incorporating Industrial Style into your home, consider using metal and wood elements in your furniture and decor, incorporating industrial lighting fixtures, and using concrete or stone countertops in your bathroom. Mixing Industrial Style with other design styles and creating a harmonious balance between industrial and modern design is also a great way to incorporate this trend into your home.

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