Interior Design vs Architecture or Interior Architects: How they differ

The architect’s job is to think creatively and solve structural problems, both for exterior building design as well as interior. Interior architects are adept at designing spaces that offer a functional environment for those who use them. They focus on the functionality of an interior space, which can include everything from plumbing systems to lighting design and more! This type of architecture is often confused with interior design, which is more aesthetically focused.

On the other hand, exterior architects solve structural problems in building designs by using creative solutions like metal framing or glass walls; for the sake of this article we will focus on Interior Architecture and the overlap with Interior Design. For more detail on what Interior Design is and why it matters click here.

What Is Architecture and Interior Architecture?

Architecture is the professional activity, discipline, and art of designing buildings and other physical structures both externally and internally.

Interior architects are responsible for creating the perfect environment inside buildings. They have to consider everything from how it will look on first glance, all of its practical uses and more creative ideas about what can be done in there – they’re not just designing spaces but entire lifestyles!

The work these professionals do is essential because no one wants their home or office feeling stiff; instead we want them accessible yet elegant with thoughtful details that make life easier when you enter. In other words they are blending art and construction to create beautiful functional spaces.

What Does an Interior Architect Do?

Interior architects are the go-to professionals for building or redesigning interior environments. They take what’s already there and make it their own through design, creating living spaces that meet building codes while also incorporating sustainable options like “green” developments with alternative heating systems (and cooling ones too!). Not only do they have to consider how a space will be used but also how it will look and feel; all while working within the budget set by their client. This can be a daunting task, but thankfully interior architects are up for the challenge!

How to Become an Interior Architect

Architecture is one of the most creative and engaging careers out there. Attending a school for architecture can lead to countless options that range from real estate development, landscape design or even industrial designing! To become licensed as an interior architect you’ll need:

  • As a young professional in the field of architecture, it is important to have an understanding about what boards require from prospective architects. The first step on your path towards starting up as an interior designer would be finding out and completing all specifications set by local architectural bodies before applying for registration or licensing with them accordingly.
  • To become a qualified architect in the United States, you should complete an undergraduate degree program. Most architectural boards require prospective architects to have graduated from one of CIDA-approved schools and obtained their Bachelor’s Degree (BFA) or equivalent professional certificate certified by this organization which ensures that all credits are recognized across various industries related with architecture.
  • Become and Architect. The Architect Registration Examination is a rigorous licensing exam that only qualified architects can pass. It’s designed by NCARB, and it tests your knowledge in architecture as well as other areas like engineering or environmental science!

With these three steps, you’ll be on your way to a career in interior architecture!

What Is the Difference Between Interior Architecture and Interior Design?

The interior architect designs the layout of a building, while the designer creates its look and feel. Interior architects are responsible for creating spaces that function well as workplaces or homes; they work closely with their clients to make sure these designs meet specific needs such as comfort level in terms on temperature control (or lack thereof). Designers focus on lighting, furnishings & colours to impact the feel – this includes selecting materials used throughout an area like flooring types & colours, making refinements based off feedback from customers during design stages…

  • Interior architects are the designers that get involved on a more technical level in their design process. They work with builders, contractors and technicians to facilitate an existing structure’s rebuilding or renovation. A good example of this would be interior architecture for hotels where we deal not only with designing different rooms but also how they connect together into larger spaces, such as hallways between wings of the hotel, rooms types like suites along side meeting areas which may have windows facing out towards cityscapes while still providing privacy if needed.
  • Those who want to be an architect need a license. If you’re going into interior design, then it’s different because all designers have the option of being self-employed and not having any special training or education required for their jobs – but this is only if they choose that career path instead!
  • Interior design is all about making a space aesthetically pleasing. The interior designer’s goal, whether they are designing for residential or commercial purposes (or both!), has always been to create cohesive and beautiful designs that can be found anywhere in any building. A profession focused solely around this aspect of architecture requires skillsets beyond just drawing sketches up front; it also involves technical knowledge such as understanding construction types/materials needed when renovating older structures. They also consider Mood and you can read about how mood is impacted by interior design.
  • The National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) is a three-part exam that offers the highest level of certification for interior designers, and can help boost your chances of having an successful design practice. The different qualifications to become an official interiors designer rather than just being called ‘decorator’ depends on which state you live in; some require license or CIDA accreditation while others accept NCIDQ certificates as proof enough.

So, what is the difference between interior architecture and interior design? Interior architects are responsible for creating spaces that function well as workplaces or homes; they work closely with their clients to make sure these designs meet specific needs such as comfort level in terms on temperature control (or lack thereof). Designers focus on lighting, furnishings customer furniture and colours to impact the feeling a space gives.

TLDR: Interior designers create the look and feel of an interior space, while architects focus on the layout and function of the space.

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